17 Powerful Prayer Points To Get Married

Prayer Points to Get Married

Dear Heavenly Father,

As You have spoken, we are reminded of Your divine plan for marriage that a man shall leave his parents to unite with his wife.

We humbly come before You, acknowledging Your wisdom and sovereignty over all things.

In accordance with Your word, we ask for Your guidance and provision in every aspect of marriage.

Grant us the wisdom to prioritize our spouses and build strong, loving relationships.

Help us to leave behind any dependencies on our parents and to form independent, fruitful unions.

We ask for Your blessings upon marriages everywhere, that they may be a reflection of Your love and faithfulness.

May Your grace abound in their lives, enabling them to multiply and flourish in this world. Amen.

Prayer Points To Get Married

God’s declaration emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the marital relationship above all others. It signifies a transition from dependence on parents to forming an independent union with one’s spouse.

By invoking God’s word, we seek His intervention in every aspect of marriage, trusting Him for guidance, provision, and fulfillment.

This prayer encompasses the desire for God’s blessings to enable couples to build strong, fruitful unions, in alignment with His divine plan for multiplication and the flourishing of families.

Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Heavenly Father, I come before You acknowledging my financial struggles and limitations.

I ask for Your divine provision and abundance to overcome these challenges.

Grant me wisdom in managing my finances and the diligence to work hard and make wise decisions.

Open doors of opportunity for me and bless the work of my hands, that I may experience financial breakthrough and stability.

Prayer Against Family Attacks

Prayer Against Family Attacks

Lord, I lift up any conflicts or opposition within my family that may hinder my path to marriage.

Protect my relationship from negative influences and interferences, and let Your peace reign in our midst.

Grant me the wisdom and grace to handle family challenges with love and understanding, and let Your reconciling power bring healing and unity.

Prayer Of Discernment

Prayer Of Discernment

Grant me discernment as I consider marriage. Help me see beyond the surface, discerning true character and Your will.

Guide me to a partner who honors You, and aligns with Your purposes. Strengthen my faith to trust Your timing.

Lead me to Your perfect plan. Amen

Prayer for Guidance and Strength

Prayer for Guidance and Strength

Heavenly Father, as I journey towards marriage, guide me with Your wisdom and strengthen me with Your grace.

Help me to trust in Your plan for my life, even in the face of obstacles and uncertainties.

Grant me the courage to persevere through challenges, knowing that You are always with me, leading and comforting me.

Prayer for Unity and Understanding in Relationships

Prayer for Unity and Understanding in Relationships

Lord, bless my relationship with unity, understanding, and mutual respect.

Help us to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts peacefully, and grow stronger together in love.

Guard our hearts against bitterness and resentment, and fill us with Your love and compassion for one another.

Prayer for God’s Timing

Heavenly Father, I surrender my desire for marriage into Your hands, trusting in Your perfect timing.

Help me to be patient and content in every season of life, knowing that You have a plan and purpose for me.

Grant me the grace to wait on You with faith and expectancy, confident that You will fulfill Your promises in due time.

Prayer for Emotional Healing

Lord, heal any emotional wounds or scars that may hinder my ability to enter into a healthy and loving marriage.

Grant me the courage to let go of past hurts and forgive those who have wronged me, that I may embrace love and trust anew.

Prayer for Spiritual Protection

Heavenly Father, I pray for spiritual protection over my relationship and future marriage.

Guard us against spiritual attacks and influences that seek to divide or destroy what You have ordained.

Clothe us with Your armor of faith, righteousness, and truth, that we may stand firm against the schemes of the enemy.

Prayer for Wisdom in Decision-Making

Lord, grant me wisdom and discernment in every decision I make regarding marriage.

Help me to seek Your will above all else and to choose a partner who shares my values, beliefs, and commitment to You.

Prayer for Strength in Temptation

Heavenly Father, strengthen me to resist temptations that may threaten my purity and fidelity in marriage.

Guard my heart and mind against lustful desires and empower me to honor You in my thoughts, words, and actions.

Prayer for Support

Lord, surround me with a supportive community of believers who will encourage, counsel, and pray for me on my journey to marriage.

Help me to find fellowship and accountability among fellow Christians who will uplift and strengthen me in my faith.

Prayer for Personal Growth

Heavenly Father, I pray for personal growth and maturity as I prepare for marriage.

Help me to cultivate the qualities of love, patience, kindness, and selflessness that are essential for a healthy and enduring relationship.

Prayer for God’s Presence

Lord, I invite Your presence to dwell in my life and in my relationship, guiding us every step of the way.

May Your love and grace permeate our hearts and home, drawing us closer to You and to each other.

Prayer for Provision of Resources

Heavenly Father, provide the resources and support needed to overcome financial challenges and obstacles on the path to marriage.

Open doors of opportunity for employment, education, or financial assistance that will enable me to fulfill Your purposes for my life.

Prayer for Peace Amidst Uncertainty

Lord, grant me peace and assurance amidst the uncertainties and anxieties surrounding marriage and future endeavors.

Help me to trust in Your unfailing love and sovereignty, knowing that You hold my future in Your hands.

Prayer for Gratitude and Contentment

Heavenly Father, help me to cultivate a heart of gratitude and contentment, appreciating the blessings and opportunities I have in the present moment.

Fill me with joy and satisfaction in You, regardless of my circumstances or unmet desires.

Yokes To Break Before Getting Married

I renounce any negative influence over my life and invoke the divine fire of God to purify and protect me.

Every barrier preventing me from experiencing complete joy and happiness, I command you to be dismantled in the name of Jesus.

Any obstacle planted in my path to disrupt my marital bliss, I command you to be uprooted and cast away.

I declare the end of every evil spiritual union assigned against my life.

Holy Spirit, let your purifying fire destroy every token and evidence of evil spiritual unions.

I reject and nullify every negative marital pattern inherited from my ancestors.

I break every chain of stagnation in my marital journey in the mighty name of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, arise with your fire and bring about breakthroughs in my life this year.

I testify to the goodness of God in my life and declare His faithfulness.

Every spiritual force opposing my physical marriage, I command you to perish.

Let the angel of God erase my name from the book of marital delay and stagnation.

I nullify every evil plan designed to hinder my marital success.

I repent of all my sins, both known and unknown, and ask for forgiveness and mercy.

Blood of Jesus, silence every accusation of past sins used against me by the enemy.

I refuse to accept defeat; every problem and adversary in my life must bow before the fire of God.

Any enemy declaring that I will not marry, I command you to be destroyed.

Holy Spirit, guide me to my God-ordained spouse and unite us in holy matrimony.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I break free from every intimidation of witchcraft.

I decree that I will live and not die prematurely; every plan of the enemy against my life is nullified.

Every spiritual force attempting to scare away my God-given spouse, I render you powerless.

I release myself from any spiritual entanglements with past relationships by the blood of Jesus.

I reject any union that is not in alignment with God’s will for my life.

Any satanic offer of a partner with malicious intentions, I reject and cancel in the name of Jesus.

I declare that every barrier hindering God’s divine visitation in my life is shattered and removed.

May the divine guidance and counsel of God prosper and prevail in every aspect of my life.

Every spiritual force obstructing my marital harmony, I command you to be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

I decree that any negative ancestral influences over my life are hereby broken in Jesus’ name.

I break the hold of any spiritual forces that seek to hinder my fertility and reproductive blessings.

I call forth all my hidden potentials to manifest and bring forth blessings in my life.

I invoke the fire of God to consume every evil alliance plotted against my marriage.

By the blood of Jesus, I free myself from every snare and temptation of sexual sin.

Prophetic Declaration To Make Before Marriage

Lord, unveil the depths of my inner being and guide me to discover my true identity in You.

Grant me the wisdom and insight to recognize my authentic self, free from societal pressures and expectations.

May every plot and scheme of the enemy aimed at disrupting my marital journey be nullified by the power of Your name, Jesus.

I reject any involvement with curses or spells designed to hinder my path to marriage, and I declare my allegiance to Your divine plan, Lord.

Every enchantment directed against my marital settlement is hereby broken by the authority of Jesus’ name.

I break every covenant or agreement leading to marital failure or delay, and I declare my freedom in Christ.

Any spiritual ceremonies or unions orchestrated without my knowledge or consent are hereby cancelled in Jesus’ name.

I sever all ties with household wickedness and declare my marital life off-limits to any form of evil interference.

Let all forms of spiritual oppression and manipulation against my marital destiny be dismantled by the power of Your Holy Spirit, Lord.

Lord, restore me to Your original design and purpose for my life, removing any alterations made by the enemy.

I invoke the fire of God to destroy every weapon formed against my marriage, rendering them powerless.

Shine Your light upon every hidden scheme of the enemy, revealing and nullifying their plans against me.

I repent of any personal sins that have given the enemy a foothold in my life, and I reclaim every area surrendered to darkness.

I apply the blood of Jesus to every aspect of my marital situation, cleansing and purifying it according to Your will, Lord.

Let the power in the name and blood of Jesus neutralize every evil assignment against my marriage, restoring divine order and protection.

I declare my freedom from all satanic linkages and influences, and I renounce any rights the enemy claims over my marital destiny.

Let Your angels roll away every obstacle hindering my marital breakthrough, clearing the path for Your blessings to flow.

I remove my name from every list of stagnation and delay, and I decree a season of acceleration and manifestation in my life.

Let the fire of God consume every hindrance blocking my marital blessings, melting away every barrier in its path.

Disperse every cloud of darkness overshadowing my marital destiny, and let the light of Your glory shine through.

I bind every spirit of confusion and discord operating against my marital life, commanding them to be silenced and bound.

May the seeds of blessing planted within me flourish and come to fruition, unhindered by any opposing force.

Lord, usher in a season of transformation and divine favor, bringing forth wonderful changes in every area of my life.

I reject every spirit of defeat and setback, embracing the victorious mindset You have given me, Lord.

Lead me to my divine match, Lord, and shield me from disappointment or betrayal.

I stand firm against every spirit of discouragement and fear, knowing that You are with me, strengthening and guiding me.

Lord, shield me from any heartache or disillusionment, and lead me into the fulfillment of Your perfect plan for my life.

With gratitude in my heart, I thank You, Lord, for the victory You have secured for me in every area of my life.

Family Lateness in Marriage

Heavenly Father, I come before You, acknowledging any generational patterns of marital delay or lateness in my family lineage. I ask for Your mercy and intervention to break this cycle in my life.

Lord, I declare that Your timing is perfect, and I renounce any agreement with the spirit of delay or stagnation in marriage that has affected my family line.

I break every generational curse of marital delay and stagnation on both my maternal and paternal sides, by the power of the blood of Jesus.

Father, I pray for divine acceleration in my marital journey, overturning every setback and delay that has plagued my family for generations.

I reject and nullify every negative marital pattern inherited from my ancestors, and I choose to walk in the freedom and blessing of Christ.

Lord, reveal to me any ancestral sins or ungodly alliances that may be hindering my marital breakthrough and grant me the grace to repent and seek Your forgiveness.

I release the fire of God to consume every stronghold of delay and resistance in my family lineage, paving the way for timely and blessed marriages.

I decree and declare that the cycle of marital lateness is broken in my family, and I step into the fullness of God’s divine timing for my life.

Heavenly Father, I pray for restoration and healing in my family line, that all past hurts and disappointments regarding marriage may be redeemed and reconciled.

I command every spirit of delay and obstruction in my family bloodline to loose its grip and depart from my life, in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I claim the promise of Your word that says You will restore the years the locusts have eaten, including any years lost to marital delay in my family history.

I decree that every door of marital opportunity closed against me in my family lineage is now opened by the power of God, and I walk through them in faith.

I break every curse of barrenness and unfruitfulness in marriage over my family line, and I release the blessing of fruitfulness and multiplication.

Father, I pray for a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit to empower me to overcome every obstacle and opposition to timely marriage in my family.

Lord, I thank You for Your faithfulness and provision, and I trust in Your promise to lead me into the fullness of Your plan for my life, including a blessed and timely marriage.

Simple Prayer Points For Quick Marriage

Heavenly Father, I commit my desire for marriage into Your hands. Grant me wisdom, discernment, and patience as I seek Your perfect timing.

Lord, I pray for divine connections and opportunities to meet the right person according to Your will.

Father, I surrender my preferences and desires for a spouse to Your guidance, trusting that You know what is best for me.

I declare that every hindrance to my marital breakthrough is removed by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, prepare me to be a loving and faithful partner, ready to honor and cherish my future spouse.

I ask for Your blessing upon my search for a life partner, that it may be fruitful and lead to a fulfilling marriage.

Heavenly Father, align my heart with Yours, that I may seek first Your kingdom and righteousness, trusting You to add all other things unto me, including a godly spouse.

I surrender my anxieties and worries about marriage into Your loving care, knowing that You are faithful to provide for all my needs.

Lord, I pray for patience and perseverance as I wait for Your perfect timing in bringing the right person into my life.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayers and for Your faithfulness to fulfill Your promises. Amen.


These prayer points serve as a heartfelt plea to the Almighty for His divine intervention in the pursuit of marriage.

They reflect a deep trust in God’s timing and provision, seeking His guidance, protection, and blessings on the journey towards finding a life partner.

Through these prayers, individuals surrender their desires and concerns into the hands of the One who knows what is best for them.

It is a declaration of faith, acknowledging God’s sovereignty over every aspect of life, including the sacred union of marriage.

With hope and assurance, those who pray these points anticipate God’s faithful response, believing that He will lead them to the fulfillment of His perfect plan for their lives.

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